Proposed changes to the Direct Payments Policy for adult social care

Why are we doing this?

To ensure our Direct Payments Policy is in line with the Care Act legislation (April 2015) and the changing needs of our population, Croydon is updating the policy for our staff and the people who use (or want to use) direct payments


If people approach us about their care and support needs they will be assessed, during the assessment a decision is made if the person (or their carer) is eligible for support.  If they are, a personal budget is agreed, which is an amount of money to be used to meet care and support outcomes.  All or some of this, can be taken as a direct payment, so that people can arrange their own care and support. They can use this payment to choose what, when, how and by who their care and support needs will be met.  This is explained more in the draft policy below. 


Having a direct payment can support people to have the choice and control they want to live as independently as possible in their home, within their community, with as much opportunity, independence and variety as they like.


We want to hear what you think about the proposed changes to the policy. Because it is a policy it is quite long and complex. 

You can read the whole policy here a summary here and the Easy Read here.

Please read through whichever version is best for you.  Once you have done this, we would like you to answer some questions which are in the survey below.


We plan to run the survey from Wednesday 26 June to Friday 16 August.  All the data we collect will be used to inform a paper going to cabinet on 21 October which will be available online on 11 September. 

What do we want to know?

We are proposing to update our Direct Payments Policy and want to hear from people who use, or may want to use direct payments, their families, carers, professionals and organisations.  Before we make any changes, it’s important that we understand if people think it will make their life better or if it could cause problems.  To do this, we have developed this short survey, where you have the opportunity to let us know your thoughts.

What we found out
What difference has it made?
Project start date26 June 2019
Report availableDue 11 September 2019
Reference year2019