Employer Recruitment of Disabled People Survey

Why are we doing this?

In the UK, there is legislation and a national campaign to facilitate the recruitment of disabled people (Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Confident Campaign respectively).  However, there is still a large percentage gap between the employment rate for disabled  people, which currently stands at 51.5% and non-disabled  people which stands at 81.7%.  The 30% difference gap has been around this mark for the last few years.  There are well documented barriers to employment and there seems to be a couple of main drivers for an employer to recruit disabled  people - either a legislative approach and/or a quota approach depending on the country that you live in.

The purpose of this survey is to research, from an employer's point of view, what works well from an international perspective, about the recruitment of disabled people.  It will help to understand what the barriers or concerns are as well as the motivators or legal requirements are from an employer's point of view.

By understanding what works well locally, nationally and internationally, we can look to take this information collected and learn from employers about what their needs and requirements are.

I would really appreciate your support by completing this survey, which will take less than 5 minutes of your time so that I can hear your views.

Many thanks

Emma Shepherd - Disability Strategy Lead for Employment

London Borough of Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR9 1BQ, United Kingdom


What do we want to know?

This would be an anonymous survey to employers as to why they would or wouldn't want to employ a disabled person.  The survey would be to see what the drivers or concerns are or whether employers are simply naive to the issue of disability and not know that there is an issue with employment rates or that there are Government campaigns to support them.  There would be an option to have face to face meetings to explore any issues separately to add qualitative information to this research.

What we found out
What difference has it made?
Project start date01 August 2019
Report availableDue 31 January 2020
Reference year2019
Methods Desk Top Research
Who can take part? All - everyone invited to take part
Topic Area Jobs at Croydon