Autism Strategy 2020-2024

Why are we doing this?

Are you autistic and living in Croydon? Do you live, work with, or care for an autistic person in the borough?   

Do you have ideas about how the council and its partners could work better with those with autism and their communities?  

Would you like to have your say? We would like to hear from you!  

We have set out proposed outcomes and priorities that we, the council, along with our partners, will focus on to address some of the key challenges those with autism face in the borough.   

Feedback from the survey will be used to develop our Autism Strategy 2020-2024, and to understand and address the priorities identified by the autism community in Croydon. 

Your feedback will remain anonymous.  To help us ensure that this is the case, please try to avoid inputting any personal details, such as your name or address.  Thank you.

The survey has now been extended until Friday 9 October 2020.


What do we want to know?
What we found out
What difference has it made?
Project start date15 June 2020
Report availableDue 30 October 2020
Reference year2020