Community Ward Budgets

What are community ward budgets?

Each Ward Member has been allocated £2,000* to spend on projects that matter most to those living there. It is part of the journey in empowering both members and the community at a local level.

Where a ward only has 2 members rather than 3, each member will be allocated £3,000 so that each ward benefits from £6,000 in total.

What type of projects can be supported?

The money can be used to support a wide range of activities such as community clean-up events, a ‘Big Lunch’, a fun day, etc. It can also be used as match funding to lever in funds from elsewhere. We want to hear your ideas – see section below on ‘Get Involved’. Ward boundaries are not a constraint. If your idea cuts across more than one ward, we can consider pooling resources and working on joint projects.

What type of projects cannot be supported?

We cannot support projects that might be in conflict with statutory functions or in conflict with a Council decision or proposed course of action (e.g. to lobby against a planning application). Nor can it be used to support projects with an ongoing cost implication (e.g. planting scheme that requires future maintenance from the Council).

Get involved!

We want residents or those working in our borough to get involved!

Each ward page will give details on how you can get involved in your ward.

Reporting the outcomes

We will publish an Annual Report in Summer 2016 setting out the projects supported, the reasons for choosing them, the outcomes achieved and a breakdown of the budget spend.

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If you do not know your ward you can find it here.