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Draft for Consultation Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2022

Why are we doing this?

Croydon is committed to improving air quality within its borough and have produced a new plan that builds on existing successful actions and develops new proposed actions to improve air quality.

We are seeking views from people who live and work in Croydon to shape our Action Plan. Your views are important to us and will help to inform the final action plan which will be presented to cabinet in September for implementation. The final version will be available on our website.

The plan contains a list of proposed measures and actions that we will take to improve air quality between 2017 and 2022.

The consultation runs from 26 June to 21 August 2017.

What do we want to know?

Have your say

Please give us your comments via the online survey. 

All feedback from the consultation will collated and a final action plan produced. The plan will then be sent to Cabinet for final approval. The approved plan will then be published on our website.

Paper copies of the plan are available upon request, please email

For more information contact Linda Johnson, Pollution Team Manager or by telephone on 020 8760 5483.

What we found out
  • There were 599 respondents to the survey. This included the number spoken to at the Purley Festival, the stall in Surrey Street market and stall in the central library.
  • 89% of respondents felt that the issue of air quality in Croydon as very important / important
  • 78.75% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that we should develop supplementary planning guidance for developers to improve air quality as part of any new development.
  • 99.22% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that green infrastructure (such as trees and green walls) should be incorporated into new developments.
  • 87.43% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that we should continue to improve the control of dust and smoke at construction sites.
  • 72.39% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed to extend the smoke control zone across the whole of the borough.
  • 82.61% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that we should continue to provide free air pollution alerts
  • 84.47% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that we should improve air quality awareness at schools.
  • 68.47% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed that we should set up a progamme to provide cleaner air champions to raise awareness of air quality in the community
  • 89.62% of respondents considered it very important / important that the council takes measures to clean their own fleet and contractor fleet by setting tighter emission limits for new vehicles.
  • There were 3 options around the control of bonfires:
    • 55.45% wanted a ban on bonfires between 6am and 8pm
    • 54.31% did not want a complete ban, with 36.10% wanting a complete ban
    • 72.12% did not want no action
  • 84..44% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed with the council taking action around idling vehicles in hot spot locations
  • 88.07% of respondents strongly agreed / agreed with the council’s proposals to make Croydon street’s healthier

In addition we asked people if they had any other comments on the action plan. Over 300 comments were made, most of which were very positive, on subjects such as:

  • Ban or restriction of cars including charges for use of diesel/ high polluting vehicles
  • Public transport improvements
  • Increase in electric and infrastructure
  • Cycling and walking
  • 20mph
  • Idling vehicles
  • Delivery, servicing and freight
  • Green infrastructure and healthy streets
  • Bonfires
What difference has it made?

The survey had some very positive responses and as stated above the most contentious subject was around bonfires. 

This matter was discussed at the cabinet meeting with some cabinet members strongly arguing for a ban with others feeling we should start with time restrictions and review in 2 years. As such the plan was amended to change the proposal to:

  1. Ban on residential bonfires between 6am and sunset. This option considers the restriction of residential bonfires to times where they will have a minimal impact upon others
  2. Once the above action has been implemented to review after 2 years to assess the effectiveness of the action.

The other changes included increasing the number of actions to 50 from the cabinet member for transport and environment. This did not include any major changes to the action purely that some actions were split into two options.

Next Steps

The final draft will undergo a further 8 week consultation period ending on the 5th February 2018. This will include consulting with the GLA, DEFRA, adjoining local authorities, local residents and businesses and schools.

A copy of the final draft plan is available on

Any comments should be sent to


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Linda Johnson

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26 Jun 2017
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Due 08 September 2017
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Croydon Panel, All - everyone invited to take part
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