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Pharmacy services in Croydon

Why are we doing this?

Soar Beyond are supporting the London Borough of Croydon to produce a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment in 2018. We want to hear what residents think of pharmacy services in Croydon to help us develop services in the future.

What do we want to know?


Residents' views will help us to develop our Pharmacy Needs Assessment (PNA) which will look at health needs in Croydon, the level and accessibility of pharmacy services and how these will be maintained and developed in the future.

What we found out

Views of pharmacy service users were gained from a questionnaire circulated for comments from the general public.

From the responses received we found out that:

  • 84% of respondents have a regular or preferred pharmacy
  • 61% visit once a month or more for themselves and 61% visit once a month or more for someone else
  • When considering choosing a pharmacy, 73% rated as important that the pharmacy is close to their home; 48% rated the pharmacy is close to their GP surgery; 13% that the pharmacy is close to where they work. Having friendly staff (55%) and expertise/quality of service (38%) were also important factors
  • 44% walk to their community pharmacy; 39% use a car/taxi; 14% use public transport
  • 81% can travel to their pharmacy within 15 minutes, and 93% within 30 minutes
  • 92% had no difficulties travelling to their pharmacy; of those that had difficulties, 48% (11 respondents), had parking difficulties
  • 46% of respondents prefer to visit on Monday to Friday, and for a further 39% it varies. There are 10% who prefer to visit on Saturdays and only 1% on Sundays
  • For 45% of respondents the preferred time to visit their pharmacy varies. Only 2% prefer to visit late evening (after 8pm)
  • Among the services that most respondents would like to see provided by their local pharmacy were repeat dispensing (82%), flu vaccination (56%), stopping smoking/nicotine replacement therapy (33%); minor ailments service (33%)
What difference has it made?

The views from the public inform the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

The conclusion of this views and the assessment of the pharmaceutical needs in Croydon is that there are no gaps in provision of necessary pharmaceutical services in Croydon. A consultation of this results will then take place before the PNA will be finalised and published by 1 April 2018.

Contact (for more details)

Tim Ritchie
Senior programme manager

Project start date
01 Aug 2017
Project end date
Report available by
Due 18 December 2017
Who can take part?
Croydon Panel, All - everyone invited to take part
Topic Area
Health and social care
London Borough of Croydon