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Croydon local plan - main modifications consultation

Why are we doing this?

The Croydon Local Plan which sets out the borough’s growth and development vision over the next 20 years has taken another positive step forward.

Earlier this year, the Secretary of State appointed an independent planning inspector to lead the examination of the Croydon Local Plan, which included holding a number of examination hearings in public on the plan documents.

The inspector has now outlined changes which must be consulted on before the plan can be adopted, subject to the inspector’s final report. Consultation on the proposed main modifications made by the inspector will run from 29 August to 10 October inclusive

What do we want to know?

We want to  encourage those that wish to, to review the inspector’s suggested main modifications and share their views.

More can be found here.

What we found out

We received 1,583 representations as part of the consultation on the Inspector’s Main Modifications to the Croydon Local Plan.


What difference has it made?

We have sent all  the representations to the Inspector .  We are now waiting  to receive the Inspectors final report. We do not have any timelines on when this report is expected.


We are hope to adopt the Local Plan in January 2018.

Contact (for more details)

Claire Small

Project start date
14 Sep 2017
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Due 17 November 2017
Who can take part?
Croydon Panel, All - everyone invited to take part
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Public services
London Borough of Croydon