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Map your memories about the Purley Way

Why are we doing this?

Change is coming to the places along the Purley Way area - be part of the change!


What do we want to know?

We are at the early stages of developing a future plan for the places along the Purley Way. As part of this we want to hear people's stories, memories, loves and dislikes about the area, as well as any ideas for improvement.

You can get involved by using the interactive map to leave written or recorded comments, you can also upload photos.

Find out more about the project.

As part of our early research on the Purley Way area, the council is also asking people to share stories and photographs of their time spent in the area, all of which will be incorporated to help form a picture of what its future could look and feel like.

Comments received will feed into Croydon’s Local Plan Review and a dedicated Purley Way chapter, outlining how future development will help to address some of the wider challenges faced by the borough.


What we found out
What difference has it made?

Contact (for more details)

Spatial planning team

020 8407 1385
Project start date
26 May 2020
Project end date
Report available by
Due 31 December 2020
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Topic Area
South Croydon Ward, Broad Green Ward, Waddon Ward, Bensham Manor Ward