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Drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in Croydon survey August 2020

Why are we doing this?

Survey on drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in Croydon August 2020

Croydon Council has commissioned research into drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in the borough.  Like every London borough, Croydon has problems related to substance misuse (data sourced from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System that provides borough by borough data on substance misuse: )

This survey is part of a process that is aimed at improving both local substance misuse treatment services and the wider response to substance misuse, for example, education, prevention and crime reduction.

This survey is asking for your thoughts and opinions.   It is completely anonymous and does not ask you anything about yourself.  This information will be put together with statistical data on what is happening in Croydon, the views of those who work with substance misusers and with the thoughts of substance misusers and their families.  The data and feedback will be used to draw up plans for a new local contract for substance misuse services and other changes that will help to reduce the impact that drugs and alcohol have on Croydon.

These changes will be aimed at improving the help available to people who have alcohol or drug problems, but also reducing the impact on families and the whole community of Croydon.

Results and findings of the survey will be shared with our stakeholders such as cabinet members, senior management and those involved in planning and commissioning substance misuse services.   They will also be shared with our partners in, for example, the health service.  The report from this research will be made available to the public via the Get involved engagement platform.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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Mrs Diane Bacchus

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10 Jul 2020
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Due 02 October 2020
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All - everyone invited to take part
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London Borough of Croydon