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Parks and Greenspaces in a COVID-19 Landscape

Why are we doing this?

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the spotlight highlighting the importance of access to and use of local parks and greenspaces. When considered in conjunction with the pre-COVID-19 growing interest in the role these greenspaces can play in Climate Crisis mitigation, there is now far greater and wider awareness of the value they provide to society as a whole. A number of broad scale surveys are being conducted to understand how the pandemic is changing use and perception of these greenspaces, however a short Croydon-specific data gathering exercise will provide verifiable insight which will be of use to Council officers who are planning for a future for these greenspaces post-COVID-19.

The survey outcomes identified below will provide baseline data on use of these greenspaces as well as some light-touch resident perceptions on how these greenspaces are being managed now and what they could look like in the future. Given the financially restrictive position the Council is in, it will be important to prioritise what investment is possible whilst also maintaining realistic expectations across the political and public spheres.

What do we want to know?


  1. Understanding of resident use and perception of value of our greenspaces before and during Covid.
  2. What's going well and what's not?
  3. How would they like to use parks going forward?
What we found out
What difference has it made?

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Kelvin Shewry

Project start date
05 Aug 2020
Project end date
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Due 04 December 2020
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All - everyone invited to take part
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Leisure and culture
London Borough of Croydon