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Shaping Thornton Heath

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Shaping Thornton Heath - final comments

During summer 2020, the council engaged residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the Thornton Heath community to inform the development of the Thornton Heath High Street Plan.

We would like to thank everyone who has engaged in the process so far.

We are now publishing two draft documents based on this feedback and would love to hear any final comments on the documents before they are finalised. The two documents are:

  1. The Plan – this is a slightly longer, more technical document, to inform the Croydon Local Plan and future development. Download the Plan as a PDF here.
  2. The Manual – this sets out practical projects that could be taken forward to help deliver the plan, either by the community themselves, or in partnership with developers and/or the council. Download the Manual as a PDF here.

You can read a summary of the feedback received so far from the community in Part 3 of the Plan.

Once the documents are finalised, the focus will be on working with the High Streets Task Force in the spring to strengthen community involvement in identifying funding and taking forward the ideas within the Plan.

Please visit the project website here for more information.

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11 Aug 2020
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