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Public Space Protection Order

Why are we doing this?

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) prohibits specific behaviours and activities within a defined area so that people can enjoy public spaces without experiencing particular nuisance or annoyance. PSPOs help the council to work in partnership with the police to tackle specific issues in designated areas.

Breaching a PSPO can result in a fine and could also lead to legal prosecution.

The council's existing PSPOs are about to expire and there are three that we are proposing to keep. They are:

  • Croydon town centre
  • Thornton Heath
  • Boroughwide dog control

Each PSPO has specific behaviour prohibitions and restrictions that we propose to include in this PSPO. We have included these within our survey and would like to hear if you think we have selected the right conditions and if there are any other issues that should be considered.

The current PSPOs in New Addington and South Norwood are due to expire, and we have made a decision, based on the data we have available, not to renew them. We will continue to work with our partners such as the police and VCS organisations to tackle issues impacting those communities.

What do we want to know?

Councils are required to consider the potential impact of any proposed PSPOs and to undertake consultation before any order can be made.

We want to hear your views on the proposed PSPOs – what you think of the areas that have been selected and what issues you have experienced in those areas, as well as what you think about our dog control orders for all parks and open spaces across Croydon.

If implemented the PSPOs would be reintroduced for three years and regularly reviewed.

To have your say complete the survey (link below) by Sunday 8 November 2020. 

If you need the questionnaire in any other format email:


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