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Shaping Purley

Why are we doing this?

During summer and autumn 2020, the council engaged residents, businesses and other stakeholders in Purley to inform the development of the Purley Strategic Framework. Croydon Council invited the Purley community to help create a plan that can be used to shape the future of Purley town centre and its immediate surroundings. The plan known as the Purley Strategic Framework is based on community engagement and urban design analysis. The projects are not funded by the council; instead the framework will be used to help influence developers working in the area. It will also be used to support the local community to seek funding opportunities for local projects.

We would like to thank everyone who has engaged in the process so far.

We are now publishing two draft reports based on your feedback and would love to hear any final comments you may have on the documents. The two documents are:

You can read a summary of the feedback received so far from the community in the appendices of the Plan.

These documents will continue to be used across different stakeholder groups and we will focus on:

  • Incorporating some of the key ideas within the framework into the Croydon Local Plan to ensure that future development in Purley is coherent and informed by community ideas. The framework will also be available for residents, business owners, developers and planners to help capture the opportunities from the development of future sites in the area.
  • Additionally there will be a focus on working with the Purley Panel and other interested key community groups to get them involved in identifying funding and taking forward the ideas.


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Sarah Hitchcock

Project start date
20 Oct 2020
Project end date
Report available by
Due 30 June 2021
Who can take part?
All - everyone invited to take part
Topic Area
Planning and regeneration
Purley & Woodcote Ward, Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Ward