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Croydon Renewal Improvement Board

Why are we doing this?

Between 18th January and 3rd February we are gathering feedback on the draft terms of reference and membership to the Croydon Renewal Improvement Board. You can read an outline of our renewal plans and answer the questions in our survey below.

The findings from this engagement will be included in a report to our cabinet in February 2021.

The survey closing date has been extended and will now be closing on 3rd February 2021.



What do we want to know?

The Croydon Renewal Improvement Board

Delivery of the Improvement Plan will be overseen by Croydon Council member-led bodies: Scrutiny & Overview Committee, General Purpose & Audit Committee, Cabinet and Full Council but it will also be overseen by an independent Croydon Renewal Improvement Board.

The Croydon Renewal Improvement Board aims to be an independently chaired body of experts reporting to Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and Full Council. Its role will be to hold the council to account for the delivery of the Croydon Renewal Improvement Plan and support and challenge the implementation of the Croydon Renewal Improvement Plan.

The most important thing is to now make sure to fully involve the residents of Croydon, its communities and the council’s partners in the improvement work. The draft terms of reference for the Croydon Renewal Improvement Board also seeks to establish the Croydon Communities Board. This Board will receive the Improvement Board’s papers and will be asked to give their views first each meeting to the Improvement Board. They will also be able to suggest specific items for the Board agenda.

There will also be a question and answer session for residents mirroring the council’s public question time at Full Council. Partners will be invited to be on the Improvement Board and on the Croydon Community Board. All meetings will be held in public and every quarter, the independent chair of the Improvement Board will be asked to present an update to Full Council and take questions from members on progress.

The Improvement Board will also report to the MHCLG and the Local Government Association (LGA) on progress.

Please click below to view the draft terms of reference for the Board.

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08 Jan 2021
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Due 31 May 2021
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Croydon improvement Plan Cabinet Report November 2020

Background information.


Croydon Renewal Improvement Board Draft Terms of Reference