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Croydon Race Matters Pledge and Croydon Equalities Pledge

Why are we doing this?

Croydon Council is working with some of its key partners: Croydon BME Forum, Legacy Youth Zone, Whitgift School, PJs group and the police to develop a Croydon Race Matters Pledge and Croydon Equalities Pledge for the borough.

Our survey asks for residents’ opinions on the proposed Croydon Race Matters Pledge and Croydon Equalities Pledge. The pledges are a pioneering series of commitments which aim to make Croydon free from racism as well as a safer, fairer and more inclusive borough for all. 

Once finalised the pledges will be open for all residents, businesses, organisations and groups to sign and could include committing to a number of principles such as: implementing fair and impartial recruitment processes, delivering and monitoring equality and diversity training for all staff on topics such as unconscious bias, anti-racism and cultural awareness, reviewing the diversity of your organisation’s workforce, and sharing good equality practice.

What do we want to know?

Once the survey has been completed and feedback incorporated the hope is to launch the pledges to coincide with Black History Month in October.

To take part visit:

Survey closes 15 August 2021.


What we found out
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23 Jun 2021
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Due 29 October 2021
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All - everyone invited to take part
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