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16- and 17-year olds' participation in learning

Jul 15 2017
Education and learning

Croydon Council, along with all English Local Authorities, has a legal duty to encourage, enable or assist 16- and 17- year olds to participate in learning. The council must report on young people's participation to the Department for Education on a regular basis.

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London Borough of Croydon

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Croydon Renewal Improvement Board

Jan 8 2021 to Jan 31 2022
Business and investment, Community and life events, Council and elections

Between 18th January and 3rd February we are gathering feedback on the draft terms of reference and membership to the Croydon Renewal Improvement Board. You can read an outline of our renewal plans and answer the questions in our survey below.

The findings from this engagement will be included in a report to our cabinet in February 2021.

The survey closing date has been extended and will now be closing on 3rd February 2021.



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London Borough of Croydon

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Children and Young People with SEND survey - coping during COVID-19 lockdown

The voice of our children and young people matters. 

We want to hear from you!

2020 was a difficult and worrying year for us all because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions aimed at keeping us protected from the virus.  We are still facing challenges into the start of 2021 during another lockdown with school and leisure activities being limited. Croydon Council’s children, families and education team wants to make sure that we are doing as much as we can to support children and young people during this time so that everyone feels safe, calm and happy. To help us with this we are asking everyone some questions about how they are feeling and what you think your community can do to help.

This is a chance for you to talk about how you are feeling, share some ideas of what has helped you and to give your ideas for how our community can help you further. 

The survey is going to help us and our local partners work together to ensure everything goes well for your return to school and to enjoy the things you like doing within your community, so please be honest and say what you really think.

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Shaping Purley

Oct 20 2020 to Oct 29 2021
Planning and regeneration

During summer and autumn 2020, the council engaged residents, businesses and other stakeholders in Purley to inform the development of the Purley Strategic Framework. Croydon Council invited the Purley community to help create a plan that can be used to shape the future of Purley town centre and its immediate surroundings. The plan known as the Purley Strategic Framework is based on community engagement and urban design analysis. The projects are not funded by the council; instead the framework will be used to help influence developers working in the area. It will also be used to support the local community to seek funding opportunities for local projects.

We would like to thank everyone who has engaged in the process so far.

We are now publishing two draft reports based on your feedback and would love to hear any final comments you may have on the documents. The two documents are:

You can read a summary of the feedback received so far from the community in the appendices of the Plan.

These documents will continue to be used across different stakeholder groups and we will focus on:

  • Incorporating some of the key ideas within the framework into the Croydon Local Plan to ensure that future development in Purley is coherent and informed by community ideas. The framework will also be available for residents, business owners, developers and planners to help capture the opportunities from the development of future sites in the area.
  • Additionally there will be a focus on working with the Purley Panel and other interested key community groups to get them involved in identifying funding and taking forward the ideas.


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Purley & Woodcote Ward, Purley Oaks & Riddlesdown Ward

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Streetspace schemes

May 21 2020 to Sep 30 2021
Parking, streets and transport

Our new streetspace improvement schemes give more road space to pedestrians and cyclists. They are being introduced across Croydon in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Measures should make it easier for residents to maintain social distancing at busy areas such as the entrances to parks, shops and transport hubs.

To give your feedback complete one of our surveys below.

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London Borough of Croydon

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Shaping Thornton Heath

Shaping Thornton Heath - final comments

During summer 2020, the council engaged residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the Thornton Heath community to inform the development of the Thornton Heath High Street Plan.

We would like to thank everyone who has engaged in the process so far.

We are now publishing two draft documents based on this feedback and would love to hear any final comments on the documents before they are finalised. The two documents are:

  1. The Plan – this is a slightly longer, more technical document, to inform the Croydon Local Plan and future development. Download the Plan as a PDF here.
  2. The Manual – this sets out practical projects that could be taken forward to help deliver the plan, either by the community themselves, or in partnership with developers and/or the council. Download the Manual as a PDF here.

You can read a summary of the feedback received so far from the community in Part 3 of the Plan.

Once the documents are finalised, the focus will be on working with the High Streets Task Force in the spring to strengthen community involvement in identifying funding and taking forward the ideas within the Plan.

Please visit the project website here for more information.

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Options for the future of Croydon's libraries service

Our library service in Croydon means so much to our residents across the whole borough, something made very clear to us in the 2,510 responses received in the first phase of consultation about the future of our library service.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views and ideas for the service. This feedback has helped us work through all of the options available to achieve the savings needed for 2022/23, while maintaining a statutory library service.

Options for our future library service

Following a meeting of our council’s cabinet  where it was agreed to start the second phase of public consultation on proposed changes to the service, we now want to hear people’s views on the following options developed to make the £500,000 savings target outlined in detail in the cabinet paper.

  • Reduce service hours by 21% across the borough
  • Outsource all libraries
  • Hybrid – reduction in service hours (two days per week) to eight libraries and five community run libraries

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London Borough of Croydon

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Best Start children’s centres consultation – May 2021

May 10 2021 to Jun 20 2021
Education and learning, Health and social care


**UPDATE: We've extended the end date of this consultation so we can hear from more people. Survey now closes midnight, 20 June**

Croydon children’s centres are part of Croydon Best Start, Croydon’s partnership delivering services for children aged 0-5. The partnership includes families, health visitors, midwives, GPs, early learning practitioners and children’s centres working together to ensure babies and children under-five have the best start in life. 

The role of children’s centres, as set out in the Sure Start Children’s Centre statutory guidance, is to support:
•    child development and school readiness
•    parenting aspirations and parenting skills
•    child and family health and life chances

The council’s financial challenges mean it has to make savings and this means changing the way it delivers some services and reducing others. Services for parents and carers with young children remain a priority and in our recent savings proposals consultation you told us how important the valuable support and resources our children’s centres provide is. We are committed to providing the right Croydon Best Start services, in the right places, with the budget available.

Since 2016 the budget for children’s centre services has remained at £2,162 million and as part of Croydon’s renewal plans and associated savings, the council is proposing to reduce the budget to £1,162 million, meaning we need to look at delivering services differently.

Our proposed new model for the service is set out below. In designing this model other options have been considered and we have carried out an equality impact assessment, which will be reviewed and updated during and after the consultation. 

How we designed the hub and spoke model

The new proposed model has been designed using the following data:

  • Borough profile - where do children 0-5 and families that would benefit the most live
  • Geographical location
  • Ease of access for local families
  • Transport links
  • Facilities and accessibility within the children’s centre  buildings to enable continued working in partnership with health colleagues to deliver the Healthy Child Programme

Find out more about this data.

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London Borough of Croydon

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