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Streetspace schemes

May 21 2020 to Sep 30 2021
Parking, streets and transport

Our new streetspace improvement schemes give more road space to pedestrians and cyclists. They are being introduced across Croydon in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Measures should make it easier for residents to maintain social distancing at busy areas such as the entrances to parks, shops and transport hubs.

To give your feedback complete one of our surveys below.

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London Borough of Croydon

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Have your say in redesigning Croydon Council’s website

Our website is changing. Help us make sure it works for you!

We are part of Croydon Digital Service (CDS). We want our services to work for the people who use them — you, Croydon residents, council staff, Croydon businesses and potential visitors.

This means we need to know what you need, so that we can build services that meet those needs and make interacting with council services easier and faster.

One of our main projects is redesigning the council website. 

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New School Streets

Aug 20 2020 to Mar 1 2021
Parking, streets and transport

We are introducing 10 new School Streets in Croydon from the 1st September. The schemes are being introduced under an Experimental Traffic Order, with a 6-month parallel public consultation.

Information about the experimental schemes, including the reasons behind School Streets, how they operate, the experiences from similar schemes and how residents responded to the initial survey can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions sheet and detailed report below.

The new School Street locations are:

  • Attlee Close, Thornton Heath, entire length of road.
  • Chapman Road, Croydon, between Kingsley Road and Fairmead Road; and Thomson Crescent, Croydon, between Kingsley Road and Euston Road.
  • Dickenson’s Lane, Croydon, entire length of road.
  • Haling Road, South Croydon, between the north to south arm of Haling Road and Selsdon Road.
  • Keston Avenue, Coulsdon, between Coulsdon Road and Court Avenue.
  • Marston Way, Upper Norwood, entire length of road.
  • Montpelier Road, Purley, between Brighton Road and the common boundary of Nos. 84 and 86 Montpelier Road.
  • Oakley Road, South Norwood, entire length of road; and Sandown Road, South Norwood, entire length of road.
  • Southcote Road, South Croydon, between The Ridgeway and the westernmost junction with Ellenbridge Way.
  • Woodend, Upper Norwood, entire length of road

The Public Notice and drawings for the individual schemes are provided below.

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London Borough of Croydon

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Autism Strategy 2020-2024

Are you autistic and living in Croydon? Do you live, work with, or care for an autistic person in the borough?   

Do you have ideas about how the council and its partners could work better with those with autism and their communities?  

Would you like to have your say? We would like to hear from you!  

We have set out proposed outcomes and priorities that we, the council, along with our partners, will focus on to address some of the key challenges those with autism face in the borough.   

Feedback from the survey will be used to develop our Autism Strategy 2020-2024, and to understand and address the priorities identified by the autism community in Croydon. 

Your feedback will remain anonymous.  To help us ensure that this is the case, please try to avoid inputting any personal details, such as your name or address.  Thank you.

The survey has now been extended until Friday 9 October 2020.


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Live Project

Have your say on the proposed closure of Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School

Nov 12 2020 to Dec 10 2020
Education and learning

Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School is a Roman Catholic voluntary-aided secondary school for girls located in Upper Norwood. The school is part of the Archdiocese of Southwark’s educational provision in Croydon. The closure is being proposed by the school’s Interim Executive Board of Governors (IEB), with the support of the Archdiocese and Croydon Council.

The Virgo Fidelis IEB is proposing the school’s closure because they believe that it is no longer viable – a view which is shared by the Archdiocese and the council. The majority of the buildings are in poor repair and unfit for purpose, with Year 10 pupils having to be taught at an alternative site. In addition, the pupil roll has fallen consistently over the past several years and the school budget is in significant deficit. Consequently the school is increasingly unable to deliver the broad and balanced curriculum that would be expected of a modern secondary school.

A pre-publication consultation took place from 1 October to 23 October in which stakeholders commented on the proposed closure. Sixty responses were received during this period which formed the basis of a consultation outcomes report presented to the interim executive director of children, families and education and the cabinet member for children, young people and learning to consider and decide whether to proceed to the next step and start the formal representation period. A copy of the consultation outcomes report can be found below.

Following approval, a formal consultation will now begin, allowing people to comment on or object to the council about the proposal to close the school.

The consultation will run until from 12 November - 10 December 2020.

All responses received will be analysed and used to create a formal consultation outcomes report which will be submitted to Croydon Council’s cabinet in January 2021 for a final decision on the proposal to close the school from August 2021.

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Crystal Palace and South Norwood LTN

Nov 6 2020 to Dec 6 2020
Parking, streets and transport

We want to hear your views on the future of the Crystal Palace and South Norwood Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme.

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Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood Ward

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