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South Croydon Ward, Broad Green Ward, Waddon Ward, Bensham Manor Ward


Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol

Oct 13 2020 to Nov 27 2020
Benefits and council tax, Community and life events, Education and learning, Health and social care, Housing, Jobs at Croydon

It’s Our Turn !!

Do you or someone you know have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) ?

If so, we would like you to get involved with the development of our Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol by completing our feedback survey.

Our aim is to ensure that the wishes and aspirations of all young people with SEND is at the heart of every transitional stage.  Our key focus is to continue working closely with all stakeholders to co-produce pathways that will support our young people on their  journey into adulthood, and we would welcome the views of the wider community on what you think transitions for young people with SEND should look like in Croydon.

Please take part and complete this survey to help us shape its content.


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London Borough of Croydon


Public Space Protection Order

Oct 12 2020 to Nov 8 2020
Crime and Policing

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) prohibits specific behaviours and activities within a defined area so that people can enjoy public spaces without experiencing particular nuisance or annoyance. PSPOs help the council to work in partnership with the police to tackle specific issues in designated areas.

Breaching a PSPO can result in a fine and could also lead to legal prosecution.

The council's existing PSPOs are about to expire and there are three that we are proposing to keep. They are:

  • Croydon town centre
  • Thornton Heath
  • Boroughwide dog control

Each PSPO has specific behaviour prohibitions and restrictions that we propose to include in this PSPO. We have included these within our survey and would like to hear if you think we have selected the right conditions and if there are any other issues that should be considered.

The current PSPOs in New Addington and South Norwood are due to expire, and we have made a decision, based on the data we have available, not to renew them. We will continue to work with our partners such as the police and VCS organisations to tackle issues impacting those communities.

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London Borough of Croydon


Consultation on the proposed closure of Virgo Fidelis Convent High School

Oct 1 2020 to Oct 23 2020
Education and learning

Virgo Fidelis is a Roman Catholic voluntary-aided secondary school for girls, located in Upper Norwood. It is part of the Archdiocese of Southwark’s education provision in the London Borough of Croydon. The closure is being proposed by the school’s Interim Executive Governing Board (IEGB), with the support of the Archdiocese and Croydon Council.

Consultation responses will be presented to the cabinet member for children, young people and learning and the council’s executive director for children, families and education. Subject to their approval, this consultation will be followed by the publication of the statutory notice, which will start a four-week representation period when any person can send objections or comments to Croydon Council.

The Virgo Fidelis IEGB is proposing the school’s closure because they believe that it is no longer viable – a view which is shared by the Archdiocese and the council. The majority of the buildings are in poor repair and unfit for purpose, with Year 10 pupils having to be taught at an alternative site. In addition, the pupil roll has fallen consistently over the past several years and the school budget has been in deficit. Consequently the school is increasingly unable to deliver the broad and balanced curriculum that would be expected of a modern secondary school.

Earlier this year Virgo Fidelis took the decision, with the support of the Office of the Schools Adjudicator, to suspend admissions for September 2020. Incoming year 7 pupils were offered alternative places at Notre Dame High School, another all-girls Roman Catholic School within the Archdiocese of Southwark.

Should the proposed closure be approved, pupils who are currently in Years 8 and 9 at Virgo Fidelis will be offered alternative places at other schools from September 2021.  Year 10 Virgo Fidelis students are currently being taught on the site of St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in Croydon, due to the condition of the buildings on the Virgo Fidelis site. Should the closure of Virgo Fidelis be approved, these pupils will be enrolled as St Mary’s pupils for Year 11, remaining in a single-sex location away from the rest of the school. 

Current Year 11 pupils will have completed their GCSE examinations in July 2021, before the proposed closure of the school is August 2021.

Croydon Council and the Archdiocese of Southwark will work together to seek to redeploy all Virgo Fidelis staff, or as many as possible, into alternative positions in other schools locally.

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South London waste plan

Sep 4 2020 to Oct 22 2020
Environment, Planning and regeneration


The South London Waste Plan (adopted 30 January 2012) sets out the spatial issues and objectives to be met in waste management for the next ten years up to 2022. It is a joint development plan document (DPD) and covers the geographical area comprising the London Borough of Croydon, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, the London Borough of Merton and the London Borough of Sutton. It contains policies to guide the determination of planning applications for waste facilities and identifies existing waste sites to be safeguarded and areas where waste facility development may be suitable.

The South London waste plan is part of the development plan for Croydon's local plan programme. It is in conformity and should be read alongside with the policies of the Croydon Local Plan 2018.

The South London Waste Plan is currently being updated.  A draft South London Waste Plan has been published for comments to be made. It sets out the proposed strategy of Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton councils for the location of waste facilities and how planning applications will be decided. The new South London Waste Plan when adopted will cover a 15 year planning period from 2021-2036.

Publishing the draft South London Waste Plan is a formal stage in the statutory process of preparing a new Waste Plan. All comments made will be sent to a Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State who will consider whether changes need to be made to the draft South London Waste Plan to make it ‘sound’.

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London Borough of Croydon


Proposed introduction of emission-based parking charges

Oct 1 2020 to Oct 22 2020
Parking, streets and transport

We are proposing to introduce emission-based charges to all on-street and car park pay and display bays within the borough.

Revising parking charges according to vehicle emissions became council policy in 2019 with an aim of reducing the damaging impact air pollution has on public health and encouraging residents’ to help reduce harmful emissions in the borough.

The proposal also includes changing the 30min and one-hour free pay and display parking bays in our district centres to two-hour maximum charged parking, to bring them in line with the emission-based charges and encourage more residents to walk and cycle to their local high streets.

If introduced, parking charges for zero emission vehicles would be reduced by about 90%, while charges for the highest emission vehicles would be increased by 30%. The charges would come into effect in January 2021. The proposed emission band charges are detailed in the public notices below.

This proposal is the last phase of Croydon’s emission-based parking charges following the introduction of emission-based charging for resident, business and parking permits in the last year.

The proposal supports feedback we've had from our communities who have told us that they are concerned about air quality, and that traffic levels should be reduced*. We are also working to a number of national, regional and local aims of reducing emissions. The full list of these initiatives can be found in the report paper below.

*A survey on the future of transport for the draft third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) in September 2018 found that 74% of respondents are concerned about air quality in Croydon and 72% agreed that traffic levels should be lowered.

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London Borough of Croydon


The Fair Field public space

The Fair Field is an ambitious multi-million pound scheme to build a world-class public space in the heart of Croydon’s emerging cultural quarter. It will provide a stunning setting for the newly-refurbished Fairfield Halls, improve links with the rest of the town centre and create a destination space for communities and visitors alike.

Also known as College Green or Fairfield Gardens, the public space is only moments away from East Croydon station and the civic heart of Croydon around the Town Hall and Queens Gardens. It is part of an important network of existing and future public spaces in the town centre being delivered through private and council-led projects.

The project, scheduled for completion in 2022, sits alongside plans to transform the wider area into a cultural quarter with a new residential community. The council’s private development company, Brick by Brick, is leading on some of the area’s residential components.

The proposal for the Fair Field public space builds on the heritage of the area. It responds to the council’s brief which called for an innovative design that integrates water, public art, and lighting.

Proposals have now been submitted for planning and a decision is expected in the Autumn.

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Equalities Strategy

Jun 11 2020 to Sep 20 2020
Community and life events

Are you a resident, local organisation, community group or voluntary sector organisation in Croydon?

Do you represent communities across the borough and/or support some of our most vulnerable residents?

Do you belong to a group that shares a protected characteristic as defined  by the Equality Act (race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity) 

Do you have an interest in equality, fairness and inclusion? 

The council is in the process of developing an equality strategy that will set out its vision to tackle and reduce inequality in Croydon, and work towards a place where all have an equal opportunity to prosper.  In light of recent events and the Black Lives Matter Movement, now more than ever, we want use our role and contribution towards tackling structural inequalities. 

Understanding your views will help us to update the council’s equality objectives and Croydon Council's Equalities Strategy 2020-2024, which will help us to shape services and priorities in the borough for the next four years.  

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London Borough of Croydon


Unblocking the Croydon bottleneck

Network Rail are consulting on major proposals to unblock the Croydon bottleneck to provide Brighton Main Line passengers with more reliable, more frequent and faster services, and to provide the capacity needed for future growth.  

Public consultation – Monday 1 June to Sunday 20 September 2020

You can view the detailed proposals on our consultation portal. You can also speak with the project team via our online chat facility or on our dedicated consultation hotline.

View the detailed proposals and have your say by:

Completing the online form

Speaking to a member of the project team via the online chat on the consultation page

Available 1 June - 28 June at the following times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 10:00 – 15:00

Wednesday – 16:00 – 20:00

Call the consultation hotline 020 7118 0684

Available 1 June - 17 July at the following times:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00
  • Thursday – 18:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday – 10:00 – 12:00

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Drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in Croydon survey August 2020

Jul 10 2020 to Sep 18 2020
Not applicable

Survey on drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in Croydon August 2020

Croydon Council has commissioned research into drug and alcohol misuse (substance misuse) in the borough.  Like every London borough, Croydon has problems related to substance misuse (data sourced from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System that provides borough by borough data on substance misuse: )

This survey is part of a process that is aimed at improving both local substance misuse treatment services and the wider response to substance misuse, for example, education, prevention and crime reduction.

This survey is asking for your thoughts and opinions.   It is completely anonymous and does not ask you anything about yourself.  This information will be put together with statistical data on what is happening in Croydon, the views of those who work with substance misusers and with the thoughts of substance misusers and their families.  The data and feedback will be used to draw up plans for a new local contract for substance misuse services and other changes that will help to reduce the impact that drugs and alcohol have on Croydon.

These changes will be aimed at improving the help available to people who have alcohol or drug problems, but also reducing the impact on families and the whole community of Croydon.

Results and findings of the survey will be shared with our stakeholders such as cabinet members, senior management and those involved in planning and commissioning substance misuse services.   They will also be shared with our partners in, for example, the health service.  The report from this research will be made available to the public via the Get involved engagement platform.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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London Borough of Croydon


Parks and Greenspaces in a COVID-19 Landscape

Aug 5 2020 to Sep 13 2020
Leisure and culture

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the spotlight highlighting the importance of access to and use of local parks and greenspaces. When considered in conjunction with the pre-COVID-19 growing interest in the role these greenspaces can play in Climate Crisis mitigation, there is now far greater and wider awareness of the value they provide to society as a whole. A number of broad scale surveys are being conducted to understand how the pandemic is changing use and perception of these greenspaces, however a short Croydon-specific data gathering exercise will provide verifiable insight which will be of use to Council officers who are planning for a future for these greenspaces post-COVID-19.

The survey outcomes identified below will provide baseline data on use of these greenspaces as well as some light-touch resident perceptions on how these greenspaces are being managed now and what they could look like in the future. Given the financially restrictive position the Council is in, it will be important to prioritise what investment is possible whilst also maintaining realistic expectations across the political and public spheres.

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London Borough of Croydon


Croydon Council Awards

Apr 23 2014 to Jul 31 2020
Public services

The Croydon Council Awards recognise and celebrate the excellent work of those who go above and beyond for Croydon each and every day.

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London Borough of Croydon


Selsdon Community Plan

Selsdon Community Plan

We want your views on the future of Selsdon to help us produce a community plan that will set out priorities for how the area can improve.  This five-year plan, which will cover the areas of Selsdon, Forestdale and Addington Village, is being led by a team made up local groups, churches, ward councillors, Croydon Council, local businesses and schools who are working together to help change Selsdon for the better by:-

  • Building a pleasant, modern, healthy environment respectful of its heritage, fit for the future
  • Nurturing sustainable local businesses to secure high quality jobs for local people
  • Creating a connected, collaborative, welcoming community of which residents are proud

This survey uses ideas and suggestions made by the community in November and you can view a short report summarising feedback on the following link Selsdon Community Day Responses

Please complete this short survey by following the link by Thursday 12 March 2020.

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Proposal to extend the age range at St Giles School

Feb 24 2020 to Mar 31 2020
Education and learning

We would like to hear your views on our proposal to extend the age range at St Giles School from 4 - 19 years to 2 - 19 years from September 2020.

Extending the age range at St Giles School will allow for specialist education for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, physical sensory medical needs from 2 years old. The proposal suggests the management of the specialist nursery class Crosfield Rainbow Group is transferred to St Giles School.  This will provide a clearer pathway from early years to school years for children in specialist education. 

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London Borough of Croydon


The Big Conversation

Oct 13 2019 to Mar 31 2020
Benefits and council tax, Business and investment, Community and life events, Council and elections, Education and learning, Environment, Health and social care, Housing, Jobs at Croydon, Leisure and culture, Planning and regeneration, Parking, streets and transport, Public services, Crime and Policing

The Big Conversation asks what we want our borough to be like in 2030? We take a look at some of the challenges we face now, how Croydon is changing and how everyone has a part to play.

We’ve highlighted six topics for us to talk about:

  1. Culture at the heart of regeneration
  2. Decent homes for all
  3. Safe and secure communities
  4. Jobs and the economy
  5. Caring for each other
  6. Creating a sustainable Croydon


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London Borough of Croydon


Have your say on Croydon's landlord licensing scheme

In 2015 we introduced a borough-wide, five-year landlord licensing scheme which will end on 30 September 2020. Following a paper to cabinet in October we are now consulting on proposals to continue to license private rented properties in Croydon. Consultation closes 11.59pm Monday 9 March.

Since the introduction of the current selective licensing scheme, a new law has come in requiring councils to gain permission from Government for any new landlord licensing schemes covering more than 20% of a borough. The proposed scheme must be supported by evidence for how it meets the criteria for landlord licensing.

Before making a decision about whether to submit our application to government, we want to understand the views of our residents, businesses, private tenants, landlords and all other Croydon groups on our proposals and their possible impacts.

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London Borough of Croydon


Children, Young People & Families Plan - Consultation

Jan 17 2020 to Mar 4 2020
Education and learning

This survey is now closed. Thank you to all those who participated to create our Children, Young People and Families Plan.

You can find details of the consultation findings attached to this page, along with the final plan as adopted by Full Council in July 2020.



Are you a child or young person in Croydon?

Do you work with children and young people?

Do you have ideas about how the council and its partners could work better with children and young people, and our communities?

Would you like to have your say? We would like to hear from you!

The draft Children, Young People and Families Plan sets out proposed outcomes and priorities that we, the council, along with our partners will focus on. The ultimate aim of the plan is to ensure good life outcomes for all children and young people across the whole borough.

It's been developed after speaking with some of our children, young people, families and partners in Croydon, and includes three key outcomes and six supporting priorities that we feel would address some of the key challenges we face as a borough. Now we want to hear if you think we’ve got it right.

This public consultation is now open until Wednesday 4th March 2020.

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London Borough of Croydon


Reimagining Croydon's subways

Nov 11 2019 to Feb 23 2020
Community and life events, Environment, Planning and regeneration

Do you have a creative idea for how Croydon’s subways could be transformed?

Students, community groups, artists, architects, and more all submitted dozens of creative ideas for how the six subways in our town centre could be put to better use. Our expert panel has now selected the short-listed entries in each of the three categories: professional, non-professional, and under-18s.

Now we want to hear from you! Please give us your feedback in this survey on as many or as few of the ideas as you wish. Your comments will be given to the judging panel, and will be considered when selecting a winner.

Once the winners are selected, ideas will be reviewed to see if they are viable. We will then work with the winning and /or shortlisted individuals or groups to see if we can bring these ideas to life.

The deadline for public feedback is 23 February. A full list of entries is available as a PDF on our webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact

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London Borough of Croydon


Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeping Strategy consultation

Following a review of homelessness in Croydon during late 2018, we have produced the Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeping Strategy for Croydon 2019-2022. This short-term strategy sets out our priorities for preventing homelessness over the next three years with a focus on six themes:

  • Engagement and early intervention
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Sustainable accommodation
  • Support outcomes
  • Rough sleeping
  • Young people

For each theme we've highlighted what we want to achieve, how we are going to do it and how we will measure success, as well as an action plan for the direction and delivery of the strategy.


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Croydon Local Plan Review consultation

Croydon is reviewing its 2018 Local Plan to tackle the climate emergency and address the housing crisis. 

Due to be adopted in 2022, the review will update the vision and strategy for Croydon’s growth up to 2039 and set out how the council will continue to deliver much-needed new homes, jobs and community facilities. 

The Issues and Options consultation, which is based around three spatial strategies, sites and planning policies necessary to meet these needs will run from 8 November 2019 until 20 January 2020. 


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London Borough of Croydon



Oct 1 2017 to Dec 31 2019
Health and social care

We are working with individuals, schools, local businesses and other organisations to promote healthier, lower-sugar alternatives and to limit less healthy choices. You can become SUGAR SMART too! Join the campaign and pledge to make small changes and help others become SUGAR SMART!

To join SUGAR SMART you need to agree to the following:

  • Make your Pledge - make some simple changes to reduce your sugar intake;
  • Spread the word - tell your friends and family that you have become SUGAR SMART and why.

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London Borough of Croydon, South Croydon Ward, Norbury Park Ward, Thornton Heath Ward, Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood Ward, Broad Green Ward, South Norwood Ward, Waddon Ward, New Addington North Ward, Sanderstead Ward, Selsdon Vale & Forestdale Ward, Shirley South Ward, Coulsdon Town Ward, Purley & Woodcote Ward, Fairfield Ward, Old Coulsdon Ward, Addiscombe West Ward, Shirley North Ward, Bensham Manor Ward, Selsdon & Addington Village Ward, Kenley Ward, New Addington South Ward, Selhurst Ward, West Thornton Ward, Woodside Ward


Healthy Start

We are seeking feedback from people who use Healthy Start vouchers for fruit, vegetables, milk and vitamins about their experiences.

We would like to know what people use the vouchers for, how easy they are to use and what improvements could be made.

This is part of a national piece of work to inform our knowledge about the Healthy Start programme

All responses to this survey will be anonymous.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Governance Review - resident survey

Sep 6 2019 to Oct 6 2019
Council and elections

A panel of members and the independent chair responsible for delivering the governance review are seeking views on whether the council effectively listens to residents and if more should be done to ensure local people can participate in and influence decisions that affect their neighbourhoods, including provision of local services.

Your responses to the survey will be independently analysed by Centre for Public Scrutiny and presented to the Panel to help inform its work on the recommendations and improvements the council can make to enhance local democracy and resident participation in local decision making.

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London Borough of Croydon


CALAT New Addington

Jul 2 2018 to Sep 30 2019
Benefits and council tax, Business and investment, Community and life events, Council and elections, Education and learning, Environment, Health and social care, Housing, Jobs at Croydon, Leisure and culture, Planning and regeneration, Parking, streets and transport, Public services

CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning And Training) has been part of the fabric of Croydon for over 70 years offering adults in the borough a wide range of courses for work or leisure.

We have created this survey to find out what the residents of New Addington and the surrounding areas know about CALAT and what courses you would like to see offered at the New Addington Centre in the future.

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New Addington North Ward, Selsdon Vale & Forestdale Ward, Selsdon & Addington Village Ward, New Addington South Ward


Kenley Community Plan

Mar 27 2019 to Sep 30 2019
Planning and regeneration

Kenley is changing. If you care about the future of Kenley; if you live, work, shop, socialise, commute or run a business in the area then we want to know your views. Help shape change by contributing to the development of the Kenley Community Plan.

Complete a survey here

Find out more here

Get in touch here

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Kenley Ward

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