Easy read - respite and short breaks services for adults with learning disabilities

Why are we doing this?

about short breaks

Short breaks are when you have a break from your family. Sometimes a short break is like a holiday away from home. Short breaks help you and your family carers have a rest. Another word for short breaks is respite.

about Croydon’s short breaks service

Heatherway is a house where adults with learning disabilities go for short breaks.
It has space for 5 people.

Croydon Council needs to understand how to respond to the changing demands on the service and what people who use the service want from it.

What do we want to know?

about this consultation

We want you to help us decide what to do about Heatherway and short breaks in Croydon.

There are 4 ideas to choose from.

We want to know:
• what you think of the 4 ideas
• how they will make things change for you
• your own ideas for what to do

What we found out

In August we talked to you about short breaks. We asked you to help us
decide what to do about Heatherway and short breaks in Croydon.

We wrote letters and went to different meetings to talk to people about short breaks. We talked to

· people who use short breaks

· families and carers

· young people who will use short breaks in the future

· other people and organisations who care about short breaks

Advocacy for All had meetings at day services and schools. They helped people have their say about the future of Heatherway and short breaks.

There was some questions on the internet too.

71 people told us what they think.

Please see our easy read document below if you need any help you can email ascproviders@croydon.gov.uk


What difference has it made?
Location/ Coverage:  London Borough of Croydon
Start03 July 2017
End13 August 2017
Report available13 August 2017
Reference year2017
Methods Feedback Forms, Consultation Document, Questionnaire - Online, Questionnaire - Face to Face
Who can take part? All - everyone invited to take part
Topic Area Health and social care


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