Proposed introduction of new School Streets

Why are we doing this?

We are proposing to introduce new School Streets in Croydon. These proposals are in response to requests for something to be done about high levels of traffic, safety issues and air pollution outside school entrances. Croydon already has three School Streets which have led to 250 fewer children travelling to school by car with most of them walking, cycling or scooting instead.

A survey in July 2017 found that 88% of respondents agreed that the Air Quality Actions Plan healthy streets initiatives are important.

The roads being considered are:

  • Abingdon Road (between Turle Road & Upwood Road), at Norbury Manor Primary School.
  • Biggin Way (between Biggin Hill & Downsview Road), at Downsview Primary and Nursery Schools.
  • Brading Road (between Cecil Road & Lavender Road), at West Thornton Primary Academy.
  • Cypress Road, at Cypress Primary School.
  • Goston Gardens (between Winterbourne Road & Oaklands Avenue), at Winterbourne Girls and Boys Schools.
  • Kendra Hall Road, at Harris Academy Purley and Regina Coeli Primary School.
  • Little Roke Road (between Lower Road & the north-western flank wall of No. 47 Little Roke Road), at Harris Primary Academy Kenley.
  • Rosecourt Road, at West Thornton Primary Academy.
  • Winterbourne Road (between London Road & Wiltshire Road), at Winterbourne Girls and Boys Schools.

The Public Notice and drawings for the indivdual schemes are provided below.

If introduced, the School Streets will be rolled out between September 2019 and April 2020.

What do we want to know?

The proposed order which details the suggested restrictions is available to view below. To comment or object to the order we require your name and contact details. It is not possible to consider comments/objections from unknown sources.

Please complete the survey below by midnight, Thursday 20 June.


Please see the Public Notice for details if you wish to submit your objections by letter or email, instead of using the survey form below.


What we found out

75 people responded to the Public Notice survey. 51 stated their support for one or more of the proposed School Street schemes. 24 objected to one or more of the schemes. The consultation has not identified any material objections that would invalidate the objectives for introducing the School Street scheme in any of the proposed locations.

A public report on the full consultation outcome is available at: (Item 9).

What difference has it made?

School Streets will now be introduced in the proposed locations. Residents and occupiers within the street zones are being contacted directly, to explain the time tables and how to request a permit for accessing the roads at any time.

Location:  London Borough of Croydon
Start date23 May 2019
End date20 June 2019
Report availableDue 02 September 2019
Reference year2019
Methods Consultation Document
Who can take part? All - everyone invited to take part
Topic Area Parking, streets and transport