16- and 17-year olds participation in learning survey - Tracking and Offer 2020-21

We’re asking for specific information about you (or, if you are a parent or carer, your 16/17 year child) in this survey. We’re asking for specific information about your child in this survey because it helps satisfy legal duties placed on the Council and tells us more about the people who use our services. If we know more about you, we know more about the way our services are used and this helps us to make improved decisions about them. It also helps us to make sure we’re hearing from all our diverse communities.

The Legal Stuff
Croydon Council, along with all English local authorities, has a legal duty to encourage, enable or assist 16 and 17 year olds to participate in learning, including ensuring they have an offer of a place in learning for September. The council must report on young people's participation and offers to the Department for Education on a regular basis up until the end of the academic year they turn 18.

Young people, aged 16 and 17, have a legal duty to take part in some form of education, training or learning, up until their 18th birthday or until they have achieved the equivalent of two A-Levels. This does not have to be school or college, but could be a training course or work based learning, such as a traineeship or an apprenticeship. Young people are encouraged to complete the education or training they are undertaking beyond their 18th birthday.

Why we need the information
The Post 16 Participation and NEET Team must report to the Department for Education on young people and their participation (or not) in Education, Employment or Training. The law says we must do this.

As much as possible, we use information from schools, colleges, training providers, etc. but there are times when we need to make direct contact with young people or their parent/carer. This survey is an additional method to allow young people (or their parent/carer) to directly contact the Post 16 Participation and NEET Team with information on what the young person is doing, their future plans or any support needs they may have.

To be clear about why we’re collecting this information and how it will be used:

  • We only contact young people (or their parent/carer) when we have to, as part of Croydon Council’s duty to encourage, enable and assist young people to participate in education or training.
  • We only ask for information that we need.
  • The information we collect is used to make sure we can offer support to those who need it and to satisfy legal duties placed on the Council.
  • We will only keep the information for as long as we need to use it for.

The information from this survey and from other sources is presented anonymously within the council to help monitor our levels of young people not participating in learning and to help plan and/or find sources of support for them.

There are a series of questions to get confirmation from young people on their current activity (sixth form, college, apprenticeship, etc.), their future plans and offers and it also asks if they need additional support and what barriers they face in participating.

You can choose not to complete this survey, or not to provide information, but the law says we must find out what young people are doing for post-16 education/learning so we will then have to contact you (or your parent/carer) by post, email, phone call or a home visit. 

If you are completing this survey on behalf of a young person, please use their name, contact details, etc. rather than your own.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Post 16 Participation and NEET Team on 020 8726 7485 or Post16@croydon.gov.uk

Please answer each question as best you can. Many thanks!

Image showing a group of young people leaning against a wall. They are smiling and relaxed.