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Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol

Why are we doing this?

It’s Your Turn !!

Do you or someone you know have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) ?

If so, we would like you to get involved with the development of our Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol by completing our feedback survey.

Our aim is to ensure that the wishes and aspirations of all young people with SEND is at the heart of every transitional stage.  Our key focus is to continue working closely with all stakeholders to co-produce pathways that will support our young people on their  journey into adulthood, and we would welcome the views of the wider community on what you think transitions for young people with SEND should look like in Croydon.

Please take part and complete this survey to help us shape its content.


What do we want to know?
What we found out
What difference has it made?

Contact (for more details)

Miss Monique Morgan

Project start date
13 Oct 2020
Project end date
29 Jan 2021
Report available by
Due 30 April 2021
Who can take part?
Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Groups, Service Users, Community / Voluntary Groups, Schools, Childcare Providers, Children and Young People, Community Councils, Councillors, Parents, Staff, Stakeholders, Young People, Everyone over 16, People with a disability
Topic Area
Benefits and council tax, Community and life events, Education and learning, Health and social care, Housing, Jobs at Croydon
London Borough of Croydon
Ends: 29 Jan 2021


Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol (SEND)


Preparation for Adulthood Multi-Disciplinary Protocol